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Company Background

Simon Chong Design Consultants Ltd. Not only offers professional ideas for interior decoration but also provides a full range of service varying from space planning, conceptual design, documentation, site supervision and coordination with project management.

Mr. Simon Chong, the chief designer, effortlessly blending the old with the new, the simple with sumptuous, has created a style that is all his own. Despite his strong affinity to Chinese – Western design, the designer’s approach to project is highly innovative.

Mr. Chong stands firmly by his belief that good interior design is based on compromising the client’s living habit with the manipulation of living space. For their past twelve years, Mr. Chong’s portfolio ranges from commercial to residential, functional office designs to stylish home designs. In addition, he also renovates for residential building and works with land developers to design show flats and club houses in Mainland China, Japan and Europe.

Today, Simon Chong Design Consultants Ltd. Possesses a team of talents together with design philosophy, providing excellent services to clients of all budgets, ages and nationalities.