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At Simon Chong Design Consultants, we believe it’s that fine amalgamation of art and furniture that create the pinnacle of refined living in every interior setting. Our passionate team is well versed in not only spatial planning, interior design and interior styling but also in curation, art sourcing, furniture sourcing, consultation and purchasing.


Double Body by Wang Huaiqing

Born in 1944 in Beijing, Wang Huaiqing studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts (1964), and at the Graduate School of Central Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts (1979), where he studied under Wu Guan-zhong, one of the forerunners of modern Chinese painting. Wang later co-founded the Contemporaries with his classmates, an avant-garde art group active in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


Hasard Du Temps by Georges Mathieu

Georges Mathieu was a French painter and theorist credited with launching the Lyrical Abstraction movement and the greater trend of Informalism in post-WWII Paris. He published several manifestoes outlining the beliefs of Lyrical Abstraction, which prioritize the primacy of speed, denial of references, and ecstatic state of mind as important means in creating paintings. His work had a distinctive calligraphic and rhythmic quality, which notably resembles Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings.


Grand Gala du Cheval by André Brasilier

Blending abstraction and expressionism, André Brasilier’s lyrical, dreamlike paintings explore an intimate communion with nature. Horses—described by Brasilier as “a superb creation…charged with symbolism, strength, dynamism and beauty”—feature prominently, their elegant forms cantering through serene seascapes, chilly winter woods and brilliant sunsets. The artist’s wife and muse, Chantal, is also a favorite subject, often portrayed delicately arranging flowers.


Torero by Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet was a French Expressionist painter. Best known for his representational work, Buffet’s paintings are often figurative, graphic, and central in their compositions. A bold rejecter of abstract art altogether, Buffet was a member of the anti-abstraction group L’homme Témoin, or the Witness-Man, which passionately argued for the importance of representational art at a time when abstraction began to dominate the critical conversation. Buffet’s life came to a tragic end on the 4th of October 1999, suffering from Parkinson’s disease and was no longer able to work, he committed suicide at his home in Tourtour, southern France on this fateful day. 


Mandarin Ducks by Hung Yi

Hung Yi was born in 1970 in Taichung, Taiwan. He has held many exhibitions in Taiwan, China, USA, Japan and Korea.
He takes what he sees and hears in his life into his works and performs his art in a way of personification hoping to
evoke people’s feeling of pureness through his imaginary organism. He deeply believes that art has great power to bring much happiness to the society.

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