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Bel-Air, Pok Fu Lam|Hong Kong

4,300 sqft

"A relentless pursuit of details creates a different life" - this is the core design concept that Simon Chong Design Consultants adhered to while designing a living environment encompassing the scenery of four seasons for the owners of this Bel-Air residence. 


The lady homeowner of this residence was still a student in school when she fell in love with the European style of her classmate’s new home designed by Simon Chong, and made a wish to create the same elegant atmosphere for her future residence. When the time came, she and her husband found Simon and decided he would be the one to design their home after an initial consultation. Taking the time to thoroughly understand the couple and their family’s needs and aesthetic, Simon realised he had to strike a balance between the classic style that the female loved and the modern, simple and comfortable vibe that the man of the house preferred - he would need to draw the balance between the tastes of these two young homeowners. As usual, he exceeded expectations; utilising precious building materials such as marble and mosaic, layers of classical charm were created with accessories such as crystal lamps and decorative flowers. For the furnishings and appliances of the space however, he selected a timeless contemporary range from brands such as B&B Italia, Molteni&C and Le Cadre Gallery. Meanwhile, Zecca and Damien wallpapers create a beautiful transition in the four metre high space. 


The same dedication has been applied throughout the rest of the home - from the outdoor garden, the rooftop to the living room, dining room, bedroom and other arenas. Whether inside or outside, the family home is filled with warmth and gathering spaces that the owners yearn for as well as anticipate adding additional members to their family. Indeed, when Simon Chong Design Consultants are the designers behind it, there’s really no place like home. 

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