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Bellevue Court, Mid-Levels|Hong Kong

2,150 sqft

Designing a family home with young children is never easy - a designer must conceive the growing needs of both the young ones and the family unit to envision the space accommodating future changes. This is when it’s crucial to have professional and thoughtful designers such as Simon Chong to herald such spaces - he is a multitasker and a skilled communicator who is an expert at communicating with his clients to understand the design guidelines but also patient and proactive with their children to successfully respond to their needs and preferences. Here, he created a stunning haven for a family of five to grow and enjoy. 


For this 2,150 square feet apartment located in the Mid-Levels, the designers completely gutted and renovated the layout to meet the brief of the homeowners. The lady of the house shared that she wanted her three young children to stay close and grow up together, so Simon designed a special sliding door in their two bedrooms. This could be moved anytime to create a flexible play area for an older brother and his two sisters, or when needed, a private room for the older child to focus on his passions. Also foreseeing that the study room could be transformed into a separate bedroom in the future if needed as the children grew older, he thoughtfully designed it as such. With the same consideration, he noted the lady of the house needed ample space to store and showcase all of her clothing, handbags and accessories and designed a stunning walk-in wardrobe adjoining the elegant master bedroom for this purpose. He also designed plentiful custom storage throughout the apartment so toys and belongings could be at all times hidden at bay - a feature the homeowners concur is essential to the overall aesthetic of the living space. 


Whether it was sourcing artworks, planning furniture and decor configurations, designing the green balcony to choosing wallpaper and fabrics for the bedrooms, Simon Chong Design Consultants took care of everything cohesively with their fine taste, so the homeowners could always rest assured throughout the whole challenging process. 

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