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Broadview Villa, Happy Valley|Hong Kong

3,300 sqft

This residence amalgamates the beauty of classical and modern elements in tandem, as well as the merger of Chinese and Western influences as they naturally converge. Yet it seems that there are no contractions nor conflicts to this emergence - in fact, this has resulted in a style called Neo-Orientalism - allowing infinite possibilities for China and the West. 


As soon as you venture into the door of the spacious 3,300 square feet apartment, a floor to ceiling silver mirror greets you and enhances the transparency of the living room space, flooding it with a contemporary vibe. As the heart of the home, the living room contains the soul of the design theme, where Simon Chong Design Consultants have furnished it with European sofas to provide a sense of peace, and various Chinese elements to calm the senses. Simultaneously, the comfortable space collides with classical and new oriental elements; blue and white porcelain hanging plates, Ming-style chairs, Chinese hollow screens and hardwood Buddhist carvings - it’s a lesson in cultural history and showcases the refinement of its homeowners. The design of the bedrooms are modern with linen and European styled wallpaper and hand painted birds, together with purple tones and upholstery adding an elegance to the space, while a stunning Oriental screen is the perfect finishing touch.

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