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Kadoorie Hill|Hong Kong

6,450 sqft

Embodying a deep appreciation for traditional culture and history, Simon Chong knew that houses like this one (built in the 1950’s) should be preserved - therefore he retained as much of the original structure and decor as possible, including the cobblestone walls and fireplaces. In the basement entranceway, Simon commenced the design journey of this house by replacing an entire row with floor to ceiling windows so that natural light could flood in and improve the general mood of the space as well as maximise the area. This set the scene for the rest of the decor and design to follow in the spacious residence, where apart from expressing the style of the homeowners, the designer took the reins in incorporating aesthetic wisdom throughout the space. Highlights include beautiful wooden benches, Chinese cabinets, velvet upholstered furniture, blue and white Oriental lamps, and a tranquil reading corner which envelopes its guests. The biggest challenge of this project was the tight time frame, where designing, sourcing and ordering all materials and furnishings to fit the desired aesthetic was no easy feat, yet the skilled designer was able to execute this gracefully. The overall design style embodies a vivid mixture of vintage and elegance, with a lovely collision of selected patterns and textures. 


In this project, Simon has captured the beauty of Eastern and Western cultures, as well as ancient and modern Chinese influences and interpreted this through his unique vision to create an inimitable quality of life for the busy homeowners; whether it’s the calming outdoor space, the gardens or the living room, every corner is one for gathering family and friends. Also taking into account the homeowners love of enjoying family trips abroad, the designer has reserved special places for them to exhibit the treasures they bring back. Indeed, this mansion embodies space and the possibilities for continuous evolution.  

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