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Kunming Villa|China

16,200 sqft

It’s true that less is more. In the same vein, a creative perspective that reduces complex issues to simple essentials are often best executed and works wonders in nourishing the soul of a home’s inhabitants, effectively improving their quality of life. When designing this townhouse for an owner with high standards, Simon Chong and his team focused on the concept of "subtractive design", using a rigorous model to scrutinise the entire process from spatial planning to line drawings. Furniture and lighting from luxury brands, such as Promemoria , Armani , Hermès , Giorgetti , Serip, etc are paired harmoniously with nearly a hundred works of contemporary oil paintings, resulting in a meticulously considered luxurious space. 


The porch on the first floor first begins to show the fine taste of the owner, where the colourful oil paintings play a melodious light and shadow tune under the soft lighting. Here, Simon has abandoned overly decorative cabinets and patterns, instead opting for a contemporary and calming background to connect the spaces and set the tone. The living room is also a place where furniture and carefully selected artwork take pride of precedence - giant paintings, deep sofas and light-hued carpets envelope one in another world and contrast with the quiet atmosphere in the corner of the white screen window, bathed in warm sunlight. Meanwhile, chandeliers and wall sconces in the dining room perfectly respond to each other, as well as bring a focal point to this social space for food tasting with their irregular and natural forms and light. The master bedroom on the second floor further reflects the luxurious oriental charm - the furniture and accessories are arranged in an orderly manner, and the private world of the owner has been designed with simple, graceful lines. The third floor is home for quiet times and relaxing moments, housing the tea room and study room; both these spaces reflect the needs and highlight the owner's passion for cultivating culture. 


In addition, the architecture of all the corridors and pathways of the mansion have all been carefully planned by Simon, where he has created a unique lifestyle setting which flows with coherent geometric lines. Indeed, throughout this expansive residence, there is no neglected area, nor any cornice that Simon’s ingenious aesthetic wisdom cannot be seen. 

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