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Manderly Garden, Shouson Hill|Hong Kong

5,000 sqft

The talents of Simon Chong Design Consultants were enlisted to devise this spacious family house in Shouson Hill  encompassing 5,000 square feet over four storeys. Merging together art, personal curios, textures and culture, the final effect of the house turned out to be completely different from what homeowners previously imagined as an American Classical space in contemporary grey hues. Instead, this fruitful collaboration resulted in maximising the use of the abundant light flooding the home and playing with the family members’ favourite colours - blues, orange, red and greens to interesting effect. Fine furnishings include the pieces by Baker, Promemoria and Hamilton, and the family trusted Simon Chong to source unique pieces of artwork for their home. Of particular mention is the art by Yao Jui-Chung in tones of red and blue paired with gold for an eye-catching effect created on special paper made in India in the living room as well as an evocative piece by Walasse Ting. 


Apart from really demonstrating the homeowners style and preferences though the design of the space, Simon has experimented with a myriad of textures and materials for stunning tactile effect. From the wooden flooring to the wall coverings, mosaic tiles to marble countertops to the upholstered wardrobes and headboards, it seems as if everywhere you look, it’s a visual wonder. Most importantly, this home is a true reflection of the family’s lifestyle preferences - they love the quiet, open outdoor spaces and walking their dog. This haven is an assemblage of different styles and materials but at the end of the day, everything just falls into place naturally - a real testament to the designer’s curated eye. 

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