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No. 8 Tai Tam Road, Tai Tam|Hong Kong

4,800 sqft

The owner of this inspiring four-storey detached villa, boasting a seaside garden and swimming pool, is a Westerner who has lived in Hong Kong for many years. Taking into account the homeowner’s personality and preferences, Simon Chong tailor designed a residence that embraces the atmosphere of an international metropolis, yet is packed with personality. He led his design team to select exquisite materials and surfaces, resulting in an abode that exudes a sensuous style - materials defined by calm tones and subtle distinctions colliding harmoniously to highlight and segregate the different areas of the home. After establishing the core atmosphere and mood of the space, Simon then concentrated on the functional and aesthetic elements of the space; a case in point is the elegance of the hall that’s enhanced by the translucent marble fireplace - this brings multi-sensory enjoyment whether its illuminated by natural light or illuminated in the background. A specially carved area for storing the owner’s fine wines and  wine tasting is also like hidden treasure in our bustling city. Meanwhile, snow white chandeliers set the scene for an elevated luxe lifestyle and all abound, the bright patterns of marble and clear, transparent reflective materials add much visual interest to the abode. As the heart of the home, and the core space for gathering, the dining room is also a majestic sight. 


The outdoor recreation area, garden and semi-outdoor swimming pool on the top floor are the homeowner’s favorite part of the home. Conscientiously, Simon has strived to create a moving landscape in response, so that with every step one takes, one’s vision evolves with the scenes and sights presented, within a home that is continuously wondrous and inspiring.

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