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Their work is rare in that it exudes a quiet kind of elegance - elegance that is subtle, eclectic, artistic yet confident to express multilayered beauty that always encapsulates the right emotions


Simon Chong, the founder and chief designer of Simon Chong Design Consultants was deeply influenced by the aesthetics of his family’s antique furniture store ever since he was a child. When he travelled to Europe during his studies, he fell in love with classical design even more, and developed a passion for art and creation. While he was formerly a banking professional, this deep love of design was buried in his heart, until one day, by chance, an opportunity arose for him to design a house for his colleague. Recalls Simon, “After the renovations were completed, my colleagues invited friends to their new house as guests, where most of them were also bankers. Following this, my work was spread by word of mouth throughout the industry."


Immersing his passion into practice, Simon worked tirelessly day and night on design, and his services became high in demand. Eventually, this led to him resigning from the bank and focusing fully on his interior design career. Through the past two decades, under his sound leadership, Simon Chong Design Consultants has handled interior projects worldwide - throughout China, Japan and Europe - spanning a spectrum of impactful spaces from residentials, commercial projects to show houses and clubhouses. The company’s philosophy and expertise in execution has won them many awards and accolades in the industry, but at the core, their mission is to create for the family or an individual their version of “the perfect home”.

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