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Plantation Road, Peak|Hong Kong

7,000 sqft

This majestic luxury mansion exudes the extravagance of British Victorian-style architecture - a magnificent marble exterior wall is carved with aristocratic flower patterns, reminiscent of an artistic mural decoration, which permeates beautiful tranquillity from its artisanship. A noble temperament has already set the scene. 


In order to preserve the advantage of this mansion’s unobstructed panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour, chief designer Simon Chong deliberately chose a harmonious and soft blue tone as the theme of the interior space, echoing the view of the harbour from beyond the windows. Entering through the double doors, one will immediately arrive at the bright entrance hall with towering ceilings. Underfoot, there are elegant parquet floors, while up above, a three-storey chandelier suspended from the ceiling is a sight to behold. No thought has been spared in the details, and the handrail of the stairs has been decorated with delicate sculptures, setting an elegant, three dimensional scene. The zones in this mansion have also been thoughtfully designed - the living room and dining room are flexibly separated by floor-to-ceiling hollow screens, enhancing the convenience for homeowners to host large social banquets and gatherings when they desire. As well, the spaces are conducive for hosting low key events with relatives and friends, where guests can play the piano, sing and enjoy some good wine and company - indeed these are the perfect arenas for hospitality. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of places to relax and rejuvenate - the outdoor swimming pool with landscaped lawn offers the best view of the city. A dip in the pool and a stunning space to meditate will no doubt relieve one of all his worries. 


The charm of this gorgeous Victorian-style mansion continues to the many bedrooms of mansion, all unravelling like a piece of beautiful art with the intricate patterned wallpapers, soft furnishings of curtains, carpets, headboards and accessories such as lights and lamps that add layers of beauty and demonstrate the designer’s astute vision and fine execution of this splendid home. 

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