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Art of The Table

Professional ways to create a thoughtful piece of art

Your dining space sets a cherished scene, where heartwarming meals are shared and memories are made. Ever the fine host and conscientious designer, Simon spares no effort into transforming his dining area into stunning tablescapes, livening the senses. He advises that no matter the style or aesthetic you prefer, first of all take into consideration the shape and size of the dining table to ensure it’s proportional to the lighting above, as well as tabletop flatware and accessories. Leave enough space for guests dining to communicate with each other comfortably, and according to the atmosphere you want to create, choose styled tableware, napkins, vases and cutlery accordingly. A charming centrepiece of candles and seasonal florals will enhance any tablescape, but ensure the height doesn’t block other guests across the table. Emphasises Simon, “The table setting not only reflects the owner's aesthetics, but also respects guests and their origin as well as the food being served. Therefore, always ensure you’ve mastered your basic knowledge of table setting both in Western and Oriental culture.” Contact Simon Chong Design Consultants for more tips, advice and information on living with art.



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