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Artist Focus: Paresh Nrshinga

Find out more about the award-winning artist 

Award-winning artist Paresh Nrshinga specialises in abstract creations expressed through colour and form, uniquely showcasing bold and energetic movements while maintaining an overall delicate, natural aesthetic. This multi-talented painter is extremely insightful, with his free and unrestrained brushwork strokes, focusing on the presentation of gesture, textures and handwriting, while viewing painting as an adventure of self discovery. As a child, Nrshinga was often touched by colour, movement and sound, and then transformed these elements into emotional artwork. This artist’s pursuit of beauty moved designer Simon Chong, who has curated his client’s mansion in Shenzhen with these spiritual, emotive pieces. If you’d like to learn or find out more about art collections and antique furniture, please contact Simon Chong Design Consultants.

Images courtesy of Paresh Nrshinga’s Instagram @pareshnrshingaart and Paresh Nrshinga’s official website:


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