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Artist Focus: Wang Hailong

Inside the creative world of the young Chinese artist

Young Chinese artist Wang Hailong, is inexplicably fascinated by natural scenery, and has conducted a thorough research on vegetation and trees. Through symbolic meanings and a unique style of language, he constructs his personal three-dimensional cognition of all things. Wang Hailong's repertoire is not limited to paintings, and he also creates installations at the same time, incorporating natural and unnatural elements, behind which lies his thinking on civilization and modernization. When designer Simon Chong planned the interior decor for this villa in Shenzhen, he selected Wang Hailong's artwork to reflect an irreplaceable cultural temperament of the owner, as well as to present the pursuit of "elegance" in the details. If you are interested in art collections and antique furniture, feel free to contact Simon Chong Design Consultants to learn about their professional consulting services.


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