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Balance of Life: Inside a 4,413-Square-Foot Mansion in Beijing

Where luxury and pursuit of freedom collide

For the owner of this 4,413- square-foot mansion in Beijing, the capital of China is a city consisting of both speed and slowness, and the key is to find the right balance in life. After we took over this design project, we realised the owner's vision for home and for life, and therefore decided to use themes of both luxury and elegance to express their pursuit of freedom as well as highlight their unique aesthetic temperament from the perspective of art and culture.

Utilising understated materials and soft tones, coupled with comfortable furniture, soothing fabrics, and carefully curated art collections, a spiritual field to protect every soul has been created. In the living room, our chief designer Simon Chong introduced natural light into the design, finding the right proportion between materials and colours to create a soothing, memorable space. The aesthetic language that transitions from the living room to the bedroom and study takes one on a journey of peacefulness, in what we can call a truly timeless interior surrounding. 

Contact us at Simon Chong Design Consultants to learn more about our services and interior design consultation. 


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