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Commercial Focus: Jinmao Noble Manor

Step inside this inspiring project that draws on the oriental beauty of liberation and self-awakening

Taking a look back at one of our inspiring projects in Chengdu, China… Jinmao Noble Manor paints a poetic scene as it draws on the oriental beauty of liberation and self-awakening to enhance the function of space, flow and integration of all elements. As one walks through the courtyard-style landscape and enters the reception hall, a sculptural staircase that comes into view unifies different architectural structures through a series of materials and transcends boundaries. This encourages visiting guests to walk slower and see more, embracing all that is around them. Look up and you will see a futuristic art installation and as you traverse between sequential light and shadow, you can immediately establish a connection between the past and the future. The journey of aesthetics showcasing black and white scenes cements a unique memory of the space, gradually drawing focus to the object d’art surrounding - from exquisite stone carvings to landscapes, this reflects the artistic sentiments of the Chinese literati.



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