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Create with Intention and Let Your Living Environment Drive Your Future Expectations

Shape a spiritual scene that both the body and mind yearns for

A well-planned living atmosphere is a symbol that heralds the beginning of a new stage of life. Simon Chong, an interior designer who knows how to create an environment that can withstand time, shares this insight: "We need to understand that colour is an element with weight. Blindly creating an eye-catching focus, will result in an unbalanced atmosphere. Make good use of the vitality contained in colours, and match these carefully arranged details to make your space shine." The details he refers to are not only the transformation of art in the house, soft furnishings and the mix and match of fabrics, but also in minute details in one’s lifestyle, such as flowers and green plants grown at home in the balcony or garden, scented candles that set the mood and the interplay of sun and shadow as it radiates through the window and dapples on the furniture. He continues, “rather than stating which style or aesthetics we should follow, why not focus on a high quality of life?”



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