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Elegant Ways to Promote Seamless Indoor-outdoor Living

Effectively create a cohesive feel for your space

Designer Simon Chong has great reverence for the natural environment, always advocating an honest, creative approach. The scenes he creates are ones of wonder - places people want to luxuriate, embrace and enjoy, and it’s outdoor living that feels seamless. He says, “Take down the confines of walls and enable nature to flow in a continuous outdoor environment. Put up awnings, build pavilions and arrange outdoor furniture to leverage the beauty and benefits of the outdoors. Also, choose decorative building materials that demonstrate the connection between the home and the outdoors and fully own these spaces.” Under Simon’s visionary designs, it would seem that the fantasy of traversing from the ocean to the pool, and from the garden into the forest, no longer remains a dream. Contact Simon Chong Design Consultants today to learn more about their outdoor living design solutions.


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