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Imbue Your Spaces with a Distinctly Chinese Sensibility

Create an impeccable design that oozes class and sophistication

Design that excels is not about chasing the latest trends, but embracing the evolution of one’s self-cultivation. Simon Chong excels at capturing traditional values and infusing them with new meanings that suit modern sensibilities. Throughout his projects, one can occasionally see Chinese elements dotting the surroundings and he says, "Chinese style focuses on the presentation of layers and the mixed use of dark and light woods, which not only conveys Chinese imagery but also reduces visual oppression. As well, lamps, screens, windows and sculptures that pay attention to shapes and lines. In terms of decor, this should be coupled with the coordination of square and round outlines and appropriate white space to show the charms of the East. Finally, the right mix of Western decorative elements can also enhance the depth of the space and interpret a new aesthetic.”



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