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Inside the Mindful Residentials Built for the Modern Elite

Simon Chong on pursuing fine living

The modern elite are a unique demographic who value independent thinking, have clear aesthetic vision and know how to pursue fine living. Our founder, Simon Chong took these aspects to heart when he designed the large scale residentials for such potential clients in Yueyang, China. Equipped with a thorough understanding of their requirements, Simon interpreted their ideals through his design of contemporary elegant, luxurious spaces, bringing the homeowners a renewed sense of energy. Meanwhile, the public areas of ​​the residence combine modern art and humanistic design, where every line, surface material selection, wood decor and placement of ornaments embody the creator’s attention to detail. This consideration extends to the private domains - the master bedroom blends a calming atmosphere with fashionable textures, while the children’s room evokes sweet innocence and curious interest. Bringing the outdoors in through green plantations of different species fuel the space with fresh dynamism. Contact us to create your own dream design space at Simon Chong Design Consultants.



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