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Inspiring Designs that Match the Children’s Imagination and Creativity

Surprise your little ones with a stylish space of their own


Planning a bedroom that reflects the needs and interests of children, responding to their different stages of growth and somehow maintaining a timeless appeal is often the united goal of every designer and parent. Uniquely coloured hues and special furniture placement can effectively increase parent-child interaction as well as stimulate the curiosity and creativity of young ones. Our design director, Simon Chong, takes his time to understand every child’s personality and interests, then embracing these traits through his exquisite design - from dazzling fabrics and wallpapers for the extroverts and active kids, infusing animated characters and movie themes to incorporating uniquely shaped lamps, artwork, toys and decor to storage systems, Simon becomes equally creative and young and heart in his design approach. He also adopts plants and greenery whenever possible, and for older children who prefer more subdued, sophisticated design, he experiments with plaid backgrounds, marble materials and bedding with contrasting textures and fabrics. The ideal finishing touch is extending the design into their ensuite bathrooms, to result in a perfectly polished look.

Please contact us so we can work together to plan your children’s dream living spaces.



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