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Inspirational Guide for Children’s Room

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Practical ideas to help your kids feel comfortable and find their own space

A child’s bedroom is not only a place for their imagination to run wild and showcase their dream world, but also allows grown ups and the young at heart to get in touch with their inner child. From textured wallpaper mixed with dreamy tones, indoor tents and secret hideaways that arouse their curiosity about adventure, ingenious and safe storage and furniture design to the small, intricate accessories and decor that reveal each child’s personality - all these are careful considerations by Simon Chong Design Consultants.

Chief designer Simon Chong ensures inspiration is found everywhere, while at the same time, taking special attention to safely considerations: heavy furniture, large drawers, glass configurations and sharp corners are to be avoided, while cabinet doors with built in buffer hinges are installed to ensure a seamless touch and no large bangs or accidents occurring. Indeed, this expert design team will ensure that the joyful times shared between adults and children are maximised with the meticulously planned rooms.



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