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Simon Says: The New Luxury

“Place the best things around you so that you can enjoy them every day"

Times have changed and luxury is no longer about squandering and showing off. This phenomenon is attributed to changes in the background and upbringing of the modern upper class, who have been nurtured in elite fashion and artistic circles since childhood, and have received quality education with a global outlook. The modern connoisseur therefore, boasts a broad vision and a completely different attitude towards the understanding and pursuit of luxury. A prime example to advocate this, our founder, Simon Chong, summarises new luxury as, “Place the best things around you so that you can enjoy them every day."

Another condition is the exploration of timelessness, conveying the unique spiritual qualities of the space through material selection, aesthetic orientation, functions, and layout, and integrating the culture and the temperament of the owner seamlessly through the space. Simon continues, "Of course there is no problem with using expensive materials and beautiful objects, but you must know how to allocate and position them properly. Avoid using the same techniques to decorate every corner repeatedly, which is tacky and bland. Good design is when you are able to create an experience, allowing the residents to feel the changes and mood of different spaces and allow nobility and taste to reveal themselves.”

Contact us at Simon Chong Design Consultants to create your own timeless classic dream space.



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