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The Cairnhill, Tsuen Wan|Hong Kong 

4,000 sqft

It’s the ability to see through the finest of details and the hidden potential in each space that shows the true finesse of an interior designer. For this 4,000 square feet residence with a sky garden in Tsuen Wan, Simon Chong Design Consultants carefully conceived a space where every corner is a vision, including the porch which is often an afterthought in interior design. Mirrors gracefully flank two sides of the door while pure white walls with classical floral lines permeate a European aesthetic, and an elegant mosaic floor and decorative plants and armchairs adorn the space.


The homeowner and his wife invited Simon Chong to redesign and remodel the residence into a different world for them after their children had grown up and moved out. The design team sought to combine minimalism with classical aesthetics for this abode with its towering 3.5 metre heights, and laid the framework for a stylish European-style living area where every corner was designed for relaxing and unwinding. In the all-white living room, a Hugues Chevalier beige sofa (the royal brand of the French Presidential Palace) and large-scale vibrant artwork of French painter Larrieu jazz the space. The kitchen breaks away from conservative and traditional hues with olive green cabinets and Mashik brick walls composed in tones of yellow, green, brown and beige to draw upon a retro vibe. The guest powder room is one of Simon’s standout designs, with a Victorian toilet, semi-circular wash basins, floral lined walls and metallic effect wallpaper - which delighted the homeowners.  Meanwhile, the all encompassing master suite consists of three connected rooms, including a dressing room, bathroom and bedroom, as well as a dressing area for the lady of the house, which are closely integrated with classical design elements. The sky garden is another standout with its flexible layout, with separate barbecue and sitting areas - a dream space for close friends and family gatherings. The fine European style echoes from indoors to outdoors, all in harmonious synergy, showcasing the designer’s perfectly refined expertise.

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