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Yuen Long|Hong Kong

2,100 sqft

For Simon Chong, whose usually busy work life and main residence is integrated on Hong Kong Island, this 2,100 square feet holliday villa he has created for himself in the suburbs of Yuen Long is his leisure retreat. Whether in the main house or the adjoining landscaped garden, Simon’s private collection of antique furniture and artwork is abundant in the surroundings, where white walls and light hued wooden floors throughout serve as the perfect backdrop for displaying his collections. The kitchen and dining room are connected by an open plan design, providing flexibility and spaciousness for entertaining special guests from time to time. The art has all been curated by Simon himself where highlights include pieces by French painter Supakitch, a beautiful Guanyin by sculptor Chen Shao-Kuan, and a three-panelled art piece by Zhui Gui-ze, paired immaculately with exquisite furniture and chandeliers. Other intricate pieces showcase his precious memories of travels in different countries, all in all demonstrating the inspiring soul of this “party house”. It’s the perfect place to unwind and stay awhile. 

Yuen Long_頁面_11.jpg
Yuen Long_頁面_13.jpg
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