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Elevate Your Bathroom Design and Transform it into a Private Sanctuary

A place where you can retreat, relax, and rejuvenate

A timeless design framework is priceless - where no matter how much time passes, it remains valuable and functional. This needs to be aligned with the lifestyle of a modern city dweller, who no doubt works hard but also appreciates his down time and will adjust his pace accordingly. Designer Simon Chong shares that one of the most important places to pay attention to in the home is the bathroom - create a private oasis that suits your needs, and this will quite frankly be incomparable. Planning the lighting to set the right atmosphere is essential at the outset: combine multiple groups of light sources for practical purposes and create moods. Use mirrors to decorate the walls as well as enhance the sense of clarity and transparency in bathroom spaces; seriously consider personal lifestyles, Examine the configuration and arrangement of bathtubs and showers; make good use of patterned wall tiles, plants, aromatherapy, and decorative lighting. And finally, consider some fine artwork to enhance the sensory enjoyment throughout the bathroom. Bliss.



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