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These Sculptural Stairs Will Make You Stare

Such wonderful designs are set to inspire your own private oasis

The staircase is not only a bridge that connects floors from a functional perspective, but when its design is created with intention, it becomes the piece de resistance in an interior. Simon Chong loves to explore shapes, materials and colours, to create staircase designs tailored for his clients.

For homes with high floors but limited space, the designer recommends choosing a spiral staircase to save on floor space, where undulating, beautiful shapes can also soften the sterility of straight edges. For those eager to implement more storage space, Simon recommends adding custom storage under progressive stairways to enrich the functions of the space.

Choose a considered balance of elements - wall panels, ambient lights, wood veneer and wrought iron can all work together to bring out three dimensional and elegant textures. Whatever the staircase design you are partial to, contact Simon Chong Design Consultants to find out the most suitable design for your space.



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