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A Comprehensive Guide on Modern Kitchen Design

Discover these stylish kitchen ideas and give your space a contemporary refresh

A well-designed kitchen is the dream of every homeowner. When the space and conditions permit, adding a center island or a long bar table will complement the time spent in this space enjoying food and bonding. 

Our manager Simon Chong has emphasized that planning the flow of the space is crucial as the first step when it comes to designing kitchens. He says, “In addition to style, we also need to consider sinks, stoves, large and small appliances and socket configurations, work surfaces and storage, as the length, width and depth of kitchens are all different. Also consider the habits and practices of those using the kitchen and frequency they cook to plan the best route of circulation around the space. Don’t overly think about making the space look good and creating an unrealistic design.” In addition, other details such as ventilation and lighting are carefully considered by Simon to improve convenience and ensure user safety. 

Simon has created dream kitchens in various styles for many homeowners. Contact us for more details on our design and consulting services and start planning yours.



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