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Artist Focus: Fang Xu

The Chinese artist encourages us to face our emotions

Chinese artist Fang Xu’s sculptures are filled with soul and sincerity. His creations from the heart contain Xu's unique worldview, visualize heavy topics of discussion in reality and bring this to the fore, encouraging us to face our emotions. The motif of elongated, highly stylized portrayals of human bodies reappear in the artist’s work, where his subjects are rather symbols of something that humans represent than images of actual people. They migrate from two-dimensional to volumetric space with effortless ease as if they possess a shape-shifting ability, while intricately rendered light and shadow effects in his paintings breathe in life and lend emotional depth to otherwise inanimate figures. So impressed was designer Simon Chong by Fang Xu’s artistic temperament, that when he was handling a luxury villa in Shenzhen, he chose Xu’s sculptures - among them, “That's the Breeze" and "Facing" - to highlight the modern tastes of the homeowner. If you are interested in art collections or antique furniture, please contact Simon Chong Design Consultants to learn more about our professional consulting services.


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