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Clever Ways to Choose and Style Coffee Table Books

Make a statement with your cherished reads

Hardcover books not only adorn your coffee tables and shelves with class, but they are also pieces of aesthetic wisdom at your fingertips. Designer Simon Chong is a firm believer that to examine a person's inner self, elements such as their art collection, home furnishings and book collections, are also windows to their heart. Books such as "Beauty at Home" by Aerin Lauder, "Karin Hanssen: The Borrowed Gaze" by Charlotte Mullins, and "A Passionate Eye: Textiles, Paintings and Sculptures from the Bharany Collections" are curated selections that decorate the residences Simon and his team create for clients. When selecting for your own spaces, Simon recommends choosing a content theme that interests you, stacking books according to size, and placing candles, photo frames, small vases and other accessories on top of them to double as a unique "display". Small plants placed alongside can also create different heights for visual interest, and the overall effect becomes a personal display of the owner’s self cultivation and spiritual worlds.



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