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Experience the Timeless Beauty of Barovier&Toso's Creations

The sophisticated designs wrap spaces in soft light

Founded in 1295 for over 700 years, Barovier & Toso is the oldest family-owned company in the glass industry. They specialise in glass products and lighting and are highly respected by the upper and noble echelons worldwide. Revolutionsing a "crystal glass" formula invented by Angelo Barovier from the Barovier family, this splendid material offers unprecedented transparency and luminosity, trendsetting the brand into a realm of its own.

Our founder and chief designer, Simon Chong, loves exquisite craftsmanship and collecting artistic, design treasures. He especially appreciates that Barovier & Toso 's ingenious works can seamlessly connect the past and the present, preserving the ancient art of glassmaking from one generation to the next, while also evolving with current trends. Their interpretation methods re-examine the possibility and value of glass and allow the two concepts of tradition and innovation to go hand in hand.

Footprints of Barovier & Toso can be found in Simon’s personal vacation homes as well as in many of his client’s residential projects, where they always imbue an elegant yet classy vitality in living and dining spaces of different styles. If you are interested in finding out more about our design and sourcing services, contact us at Simon Chong Design Consultants.



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