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Kind Words from Our Clients: The Owner of Bel-Air Residence

The satisfied client shares an unforgettable design experience with Simon Chong

Love at first sight is not limited to describing relationships - unforgettable encounters can also be extended to describe the relationship between man and environment. When the owner of this Bel-Air residence in Pokfulam visited his classmate’s new home as a student, he was immediately attracted by the ingenious design of the space. He made a wish that by the time he married, he would seek out this same designer- Simon Chong - to design his home. Says the owner, “I fell in love with the European style and elegance of my classmate’s home at first sight and made a wish I would have the same elegant design for my own home in the future. Many years later, I took the initiative to contact Simon, and after a brief phone call with him and my husband, we entrusted Simon with our home’s design. The result is a comfortable, soothing space that combines style with elegance and we love it.”



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