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Living with Art: Integrating the Homeowner’s Passions with Gorgeous Home Design and Decor

How Simon crafts exquisite scenes to host clients’ sneakers, figures and art collections

For Simon Chong Design Consultants, true wealth and beauty lies in one's cultivation and wisdom of experience, just like a collection of art that has been passed from one generation to the next. Leveraging his expertise and understanding of his client’s preferences, Simon and his team are able to build a personal paradise, where unique personalities and preferences can be showcased. Take this residential villa in Shenzhen for example, where floor to ceiling shelves and cabinets, coffee tables in varying heights, bright coloured sofas with geometric lines, mirrored decoder and plush patterned carpets give way to the homeowner’s collection of collectible fashion toys, crossover brand designs and limited edition art pieces. These limited editions occupy a pride of place, integrating the homeowner’s passions with gorgeous home design and decor. Design your own collectible storage spaces and contact us today.



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