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Simon Says: The Importance of Soft Furnishings and Upholstery in Interior Design

Effectively incorporate tactile textures into your space

Interior decor utilising fabrics embodies special charm - from solemn drapes to elegant and unrestrained temperaments, this can be achieved with the flexible combination of materials and textures. Just like the way we dress, we can each express our personality and taste, as well as showcase our ideal artistic conception. Designer Simon Chong, who is exceptionally talented in the art of mixing and fabric pairings, advises: “When it comes to fabric elements, there’s a wide range we consider in interiors - from curtains to sofa covers, carpets to wall decor and bedding and bathroom upholstery. Certain rules should be followed to avoid them being too conspicuous and cluttered. If the tone of the space is determined by the furniture, then the colour direction of the environment will be dominated by the soft furnishings.” Simon continues, "When planning the design of fabrics and how to utilise them in the decor, we will pay attention to the area, size, length and other proportions, as well as adapt to the owner's preferences. In terms of style, select materials with similar or contrasting textures to create a harmonious or unusual effect. Simultaneously, the coordination of colours, style and compatibility with other accessories should also be taken into consideration. Also think about where the fabrics are being used - in the study or bedroom for example, shading and blackout functions will also need to be considered. Contact Simon Chong Design Consultants for more decor and design advice.



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