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Simon Says: The Wisdom of Art Collecting

Professional tips from seasoned art collector and designer Simon Chong

In recent years, the world as a collective has shown a huge upward interest in collecting and investing in art. Before you decide to invest, seasoned art collector and designer Simon Chong suggests you may wish to do some research to educate yourself on the following aspects: the background of the artist, the importance of his/her work, source, history and literature of the artwork. “Also check the artist’s past sales record, to infer whether the quotation is reasonable,” Simon advises. “It’s undeniable that art needs to appeal to your own taste, which will reflect your vision. But if making a profit by investing in art is the goal of your purchase, then in addition to “love at first sight” and simply liking the piece, you will need to go further in enriching yourself with more knowledge. This will also allow you to have a clear planning direction for your art collection, and enable you to find a rhythm which suits you.”

If you want to find out more about the wisdom of art collecting, please contact Simon Chong Design Consultants to learn about our professional consulting services.



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