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Tour a Majestic Hong Kong House that Imbues Tranquillity and Nobility

Every corner is characterised by alluring shapes and captivating colours

This majestic, luxurious mansion exudes the nobility of British-Victorian style architecture. A magnificent and rough marble exterior wall is carved with noble flower patterns, just like mural decor filled with artistic style that exudes tranquillity and nobility through and through.

In order to retain the advantage of the mansion’s unobstructed panoramic view of Victoria Harbour, designer Simon Chong deliberately chose harmonious and soft blue tones as the interior theme, echoing the view of Victoria Harbor outside the window.

Pushing open the double doors, one is greeted by a towering high, bright foyer, where above the elegant parquet flooring, a three-story chandelier suspended from the ceiling stuns; the handrail fence of the stairs is decorated with elegant, delicate hollow patterns, to depict a three-dimensional atmosphere filled with elegance. The charm of this gorgeous English-style mansion extends to the multiple bedrooms, from the patterned wallpaper, curtains, carpets, custom headboards, lamps, etc, all intricately conceived to tie in the designer’s artistic sentiments on the overall layout of the space.



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