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Simon Says: Delicate Ways to Work with Dark and Moody Colour Schemes

Effective methods to bring in dark tones to tie the space together visually and atmospherically

When we talk about dark decor, many homeowners allude this to rather negative connotations, such as being depressing, sombre, minimising the space and being hard to match with other furniture. Interior design expert Simon Chong understands these concerns and sincerely shares, "Whether light or dark, professional designers will emphasise on the proportion of a space and devote themselves to achieving a perfect balance. The ideal contrast and tension of light and dark can bring about an elegant and dignified temperament. In fact, after experiencing the results, many clients admit that designed spaces in darker hues have become some of their favourite places for family and friends to gather”. Simon emphasises to first start from the layering; first replace the walls with dark colours, then select similar colours from the same colour spectrum, and infuse them into the curtains. Create a sense of slowly embracing the users of the space, rather than letting dark design rush forward and overwhelm. Gradient effects are another compromise, filling the air with intriguing visual effects under natural or artificial light sources. Surfaces such as the floors, window seats, carpets, etc, are also ideal areas for bringing in dark tones to cohesively tie the space together visually and atmospherically. Simon Chong Design Consultants specialises in creating bespoke design solutions so please contact us to find out more.


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