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Artist Focus: Chinese Contemporary Artist and Sculptor Xiang Jing

See how Simon used her work in some of his evocative, narrative driven spaces and designs

Born in Beijing in 1968 Xiang Jing graduated from the faculty of sculpture, Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1995. She taught at the Sculpture Studio of the Fine Arts College, Shanghai Normal University from 1999 to 2007 and now works and lives in Beijing. Xiang’s artwork reveals a sense of insecurity through which the misty nature of the modern human character and life itself are accentuated and reified.

Xiang Jing seeks after the existential truth of life through her continued investigation of “internality” of human nature in her work. Rather than viewing Xiang Jing as a “feminist” artist, she is perhaps more accurately described as an artist with a woman’s viewpoint and perspective. Her work undoubtedly makes a significant impact when placed in residential and commercial contexts and spaces.

Xiang Jing’s work practice is problem-oriented. Within the gradually marginalised realist sculpting language framework, Xiang Jing has made idiosyncratic and influential contemporary experiments, shaping each of her sculptures into individual appearance and characters, hand-painting her sculptures in many layers, and choosing fibreglass as her principle material. This unique artist has captured designer Simon Chong, who has used her work in some of his evocative, narrative driven spaces and designs. Contact Simon Chong Design Consultants for more information on their art consultancy and curation services.

Images courtesy of Xiang Jing Studio ( and Artron (


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