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Artist Focus: Zao Wou-Ki

Known for being “the best in Chinese abstraction”, Zao brought new possibilities to Chinese art

Renowned Zao Wou-Ki is a Chinese-French artist born in Beijing in 1920 and known for being “the best in Chinese abstraction". Lauded for his ability to unite multiple artistic traditions within a single work, marrying Eastern ink and Western abstraction to art-making through his compositions, he once said, "People obey one tradition, but I obey two traditions." Since settling in Paris in 1948, Zao’s creative direction has frequently shifted between Chinese and Western aesthetics.

Designer Simon Chong greatly admires Zao Wou-Ki’s work, in particular the artist's way of breaking away from the limitations of region, culture and time, and his commitment to pursuing the truth of the universe and the perfection of art. Says Simon: "The most powerful thing about Zao is how he is able to use some very alternative Western techniques, while expressing traditional Chinese culture and makes it easy for people to understand. Simultaneously, it gives people room for imagination, and his use of colours is beautiful and majestic.”

With a professional repertoire of design work and a deep understanding of artists and their creations, Simon loves to frequent exhibitions around the world to keep abreast of new trends in the art world. If you are interested in art collections and antique furnishings, contact Simon Chong Design Consultants to learn about the company's professional consulting services.

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