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Elevate Entertaining with Lavish Home Bars

Discover ideas for renovating this functional space

The art and enjoyment of wine tasting has long penetrated into our living spaces, and interior designer Simon Chong is well versed in designing the ideal home bar. Says Simon, “This is an intimate environment that enhances the owner’s lifestyle, and it’s a space where one can release emotions as well as showcase culture. When planning this space, Simon will consider all aspects of the residence in considering different layouts to create these sleek private bar spaces. Says Simon, “Deciding the depth of the bar countertop will depend on its function. For example, will the bar counter occasionally double up as a dining space? This will determine the other variables such as size and height, use of materials, lighting, style of seating, etc, to maximise the enjoyment for homeowners and visitors. In addition, Simon also encourages the use of exquisite bar trolleys, stunning glasses to pair with fine wine collections, and mixologist equipment, so any corner of the home can become a private bar anytime.



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