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Finding Peace: How to Craft a Serene Space Integrated with the Client’s Religious Beliefs

To promote peace and wellbeing

It is every homeowner’s ultimate goal when designing space, that the end result of their residence is a space that promotes peace and wellbeing. Especially in the ever hectic metropolis that is Hong Kong and China, the density and ever moving city that never sleeps, makes it all the more important to be able to retreat to a home that enables one to fully relax. Simon Chong Design Consultants executes this with professionalism and grace, where founder and designer, Simon Chong, directs his team to create spaces that are personalised and adhere to his client’s tastes and lifestyle. This is specifically done by integrating the client’s religious beliefs and customs through design, art and sculpture into their residences (examples of homes designed in Broadview Villa, Happy Valley and Yuen Long shown here), so that all these seemingly disparate elements are at one, forming poetic scenes that make one's home look like a dream. Contact Simon Chong Design Consultants to create your visionary space today.


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