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How to Create an Impactful Yet Comfortable Scene with Iconic Chair Designs

Take a seat

The importance of a well designed chair can never be underestimated. In interior environments, a uniquely shaped seat or armchair often defines a relaxing corner as well as enhances the style of a space. For interior designer Simon Chong, chairs act not only as functional furniture, but also as works of art that express the owner's taste and style. He advises, "Before choosing a chair, consider the design details, such as lines, stitching, fabric patterns and any other key elements that enhance the atmosphere - clarify the role of the chair in the space. If it is purely for accessorising with function, you may consider a classic design or alternating bold shapes. If you plan to use it in the living room or leisure area, you can consider a more spacious and comfortable armchair to create a resting nook. The use of seat materials also affects its durability.” Simon recommends the Fiji armchair by Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, with its irresistible fifties charm revisited in a contemporary way. Simply pair this with a floor lamp and coffee table and it’s enough to become the focus of a space. Contact us at Simon Chong Design Consultants for our design services and more inspiration.



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