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How to Design an Efficient Wardrobe System

Wise advice from our chief designer

A well planned wardrobe system will effectively store and showcase treasured clothing pieces like a boutique, enhancing the experience of the homeowner and adding value to the home. In recent years, exquisite storage design has defied all previous norms and expectations, trending from luxurious mansions and evolving to taking pride of place in modern residences of different styles. Says designer Simon Chong, "When designing wardrobes, ensuring a rational use of space is our primary consideration. This reserved space needs to ensure users can walk around, squat low, reach high and turn around - thus function and ergonomics are key in addition to the aesthetics of the space. In addition, we also need to understand the owner's lifestyle preferences, to determine factors such the number and layout of custom made cabinets, shelves and hangers needed, how to design special areas for hanging garments, stacking clothes and displaying shoes, bags, accessories, the co-ordination of mirrors within the space, the use of lighting and how to leverage natural light, whether to design the space as an open plan or a closed area, as well as the colour tones of the overall space - to appropriately reflect the clients can properly utilise and enjoy this space."

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