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How to Shape a Space with Geometric Design

Combine intricate patterns for your spatial arrangement

Geometric forms surround us, guiding the harmonious balance of the environment. Interior designer Simon Chong loves to use the overlapping and interlacing of points, lines and surfaces to integrate simple and extraordinary art of life into his clients’ projects. The powerful triangular shape adds an artistic interpretation to daily necessities, but this should not be placed in clusters to avoid excessive impact; meanwhile the square shape injects a strong and calm personality into the space. In addition to the large-scale use of walls, other furnishings such as the bed, coffee tables, cabinets, blankets, mirrors, side tables, etc, can all be used to introduce this geometric charm in detail; a round design can instantly soften the coldness of the straight corners and the hexagonal shape injects a lively and distinct sense of rhythm. With these forms, Simon establishes order for each space to embody different characteristics, arouse the inner resonance of users, and creates an influential design language.



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