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Inside a Four-storey Detached Villa Reshaped by Simon Chong

This serene oasis is filled with unexpected touches

The owner of this four-storey detached villa is a Westerner who has lived in Hong Kong for many years, with a laissez faire approach to aesthetic design. Simon Chong Design Consultants, therefore, was entrusted with great freedom when taking the reins of this residential project. In order to reflect the owner's personality and preferences, Simon tailored a design style that embraces the atmosphere of an international metropolis, allowing the owner to coexist with the space in a poetic environment surrounded by greenery and mist. Chosen materials in calm tones and subtle distinctions collide harmoniously under the ingenious layout of Simon and his team, highlighting the changes in the atmosphere of each living area. Simon has also focused on creating a moving landscape in the outdoor environment - with every step one takes, their visual perception will be altered due to the difference in height. In this stunning area, whether it's walking around, admiring the surroundings or enjoying the sun, this charming exterior deepens the relationship between the inhabitant and the natural landscape, resulting in a beautiful coexistence.



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