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Less is More: The Key to Minimalist Design

Simon Chong shows how minimalist aesthetic can be artistically achieved

Pursue exquisite, simple design with the process of elimination, implementing the golden rule that “less is more”. Remove details that are over the top to restore the purity and soul of a space, and achieve a beautiful, comfortable, living environment. Advises designer Simon Chong, "The key to a minimalist design style is to show the focus of the space, create a richer sense of hierarchy and improve overall quality”. When conceiving a 10,000-square-foot Kunming villa project for his client, Simon and his team used the concept of "subtractive design”, where they guided an assemblage of furniture, lighting and nearly a hundred contemporary oil paintings imported directly from Europe to integrate into the space. This successfully brought out the elegant and luxurious temperament of the villa, and reflected the owner’s fine taste.



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