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Outstanding Fireplace Designs For a Contemporary Home

Light my fire

Flickering flames are mesmerising, and instantly inject mood into a living space, allowing the fireplace to maintain its privileged position as a symbol of cohesion and charm since ancient times. An expert at utilising fireplaces, interior designer Simon Chong is skilled at integrating this decorative and functional element into his client’s abodes, showcasing rich layers that are comparable to oil paintings. Simon constantly switches between the poetic textures of multiple materials, and alternates between the virtual and reality to form spiritual and spatial integrity within spaces. In addition to considerations such as the size, shape and angle of the fireplace and load-bearing capacity of the walls, Simon stresses the importance of paying attention to the separation between living areas, as well as smoke emission and air flow issues. As for the frame-type fireplace design, which offers a more contemporary look that’s integrated within walls, materials such as marble, metal, ceramic tiles and glass are often utilised to combine ancient aesthetics with the current and future needs of different users. Contact Simon Chong Design Consultants directly for more inspiring ideas.



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