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Project Showcase: A Sales Centre in Dongguan, Guangdong

The stunning establishment serves as an emotional connection between nature, humanistic life, and cultural heritage

It’s the inextricable ties between human nature and aesthetics that determine good, functional design. Designer Simon Chong took this to heart when he reinvisioned this sales centre project in Dongguan, Guangdong. Utilising the concept of “interaction” as his planning principle for the 10,000 plus square feet space, Simon created a constantly evolving, dynamic journey, which guided visitors through a spatial exploration every step of the way.

Adhering to the client, China Overseas Real Estate’s brand concept of “Building Happiness and Creating Trends” to satisfy the elite’s pursual of a high quality life, Simon Chong Design Consultant’s design team created an almost invisible design concept throughout the space, with the goal that visitors not only frequent the space for negotiating and meetings, but also to actually explore and enjoy the space. The result is an inspiring centre, enabling one to imagine the infinite through the scenery that unfolds before your eyes, while explaining the company’s corporate responsibility towards development and innovation.

Simon has used circles and stones in the front hall of the sales centre to symbolise tolerance, stability, and the recurrence of all things, as well as to establish an emotional connection between nature, humanistic life, and cultural heritage. Coupled with eye-catching art, chandeliers, sculptural staircases, green marble and local characteristics, visitors are voyaged through a sight for the senses.



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