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Simon Says: Getting Ready with the Perfect Vanity Area and Dressing Room

These ideas will set you well on your way

The best days begin early in the morning, where the vanity area and dressing room at every abode allow one to prepare and feel one’s best. Designer Simon Chong believes that a calming atmosphere is what sets the scene and soothes the soul of a resident, sharing, “We pay attention the extrinsic and intrinsic needs of our clients, plan the most ideal flow of space and combine both visual and tactile creative elements to inspire the mind and body.” To avoid smaller dressing spaces from feeling too obtrusive, the design team will often select colour schemes applied here, and apply these correspondingly to the style of furniture and decorative accents. Carefully positioned uniform lighting is also key in this space, so Simon will determine the amount of reflective material according to the position of the dressing area and natural light to avoid light sensitivity and visual discomfort. Planning for sufficient storage and dressing room space is also top priority, so incorporating ideas such as a lift up countertops for jewellery display and custom furniture with a multitude of functions are also recommended. Find out more about building your dream design and contact us today.


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