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Simon Says: Home Office and Study Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

These elegant spaces will feed your soul and make work fun

The study room is a place to stimulate creativity and cultivate one’s self-cultivation. Generally speaking, the display in the room should not be overly complicated. Office desks, chairs, bookshelves, lighting, storage, within a simple setting and decor can already form the basis of an ideal home office or study. Says designer Simon Chong: "We will first consider the environmental conditions of the project itself, the preferences and lifestyle of the homeowner and their communication needs, before conceiving a suitable layout, which is mainly divided into three types - independent, semi-open and open. If the space permits, we can choose a large-area bookcase application to lay the foundation of the regular space, which will create a quiet, timeless atmosphere. Here, the doors, ceiling and walls should also leverage noise reduction principles as much as possible to isolate external disruptions. The desk should be as close to natural sources of light as possible, and it's also necessary to take into account additional light sources for night work or reading. Options such as desk lamps and bookcase spotlights are ideal choices, but pay attention to the angle these are installed to avoid glare and discomfort. Books are often a huge source of inspiration so in addition to the arrangement of furniture and how the space functions, you can also arrange the homeowner’s collection of books and arrange them according to titles or frequency of reading, to best enhance the overall space. If you want to know more about the design of study rooms, contact us directly at Simon Chong Design Consultants.



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